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Records are an easy way to create a single variable that can hold several different values. For example, consider the problem of storing a mailing address. The address has many parts, but is conceptually one unit.

Files Needed

I have created a text file with some fake addresses. This file contains six addresses.

The code provided will create a record called "Address" that contains four fields:

  1. a field for the house number / street name (a String)
  2. a field for the city name (a String)
  3. a field for the state (a String)
  4. a field for the zip code (an int)

Then, the code provided creates a variable of type Address and reads the values from the first address in the text file into the four fields of the record.

It does the same thing for a second and third address. Finally, it prints out the three addresses on the screen.

What You Should See

191 Marigold Lane, Miami, FL  33179
3029 Losh Lane, Crafton, PA  15205
4939 Holt Street, Lake Worth, FL  33463

What You Should Do on Your Own

Assignments turned in without these things will receive half credit or less.

  1. The code provided only creates three Address variables. Change the code to read and display two more addresses from the file.

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