compareTo() Challenge

Write a program that compares several Strings using the compareTo() method. You should display the Strings and display the integer that compareTo() gives you.

You must have five examples which result in a number less than 0, five examples which result in a number greater than 0, and two examples which give you exactly 0. This means you need a total of twelve examples.

You may not just flip the Strings around; you must have twelve different examples.

Here's an example:

System.out.print("Comparing \"axe\" with \"dog\" produces ");
int i = "axe".compareTo("dog");

System.out.print("Comparing \"applebee's\" with \"apple\" produces ");
System.out.println( "applebee's".compareTo("apple") );
Comparing "axe" with "dog" produces -3
Comparing "applebee's" with "apple" produces 5

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