A Little Quiz

Write an interactive quiz. It should ask the user three multiple-choice or true/false questions about something. It must keep track of how many they get wrong, and print out a "score" at the end.

Are you ready for a quiz?  N
Okay, here it comes!

Q1) What is the capital of Alaska?
	1) Melbourne
	2) Anchorage
	3) Juneau

> 3

That's right!

Q2) Can you store the value "cat" in a variable of type int?
	1) yes
	2) no

> 1

Sorry, "cat" is a string. ints can only store numbers.

Q3) What is the result of 9+6/3?
	1) 5
	2) 11
	3) 15/3

> 2

That's correct!

Overall, you got 2 out of 3 correct.
Thanks for playing!

©2013 Graham Mitchell

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